Monday, 29 August 2011

Brazil - Toucans

I did plan to visit the Intervales State Park during my visit to Brazil, which by all accounts is an excellent place for birding but I didn't manage to get there. Consequently there were very few photo opportunities. However I did decide to take my camera and a 300mm lens along with me when I visited one of my company's plants about 40 miles from Sao Paulo city.

It proved to be a fortunate decision as shortly after I arrived 3 Toucans landed in a tree not far from the entrance where I was waiting for our hosts. After a mad rush inside to get the camera they were still there so I managed to get some shots.

This pair seemed intent on having a bit of a scrap...

Whilst the other one looked on with amusement?

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Work has brought me all the way over to Sao Paulo for a few weeks so I thought I'd better take the camera along and try to grab a few shots of the local birdlife. So far the only place I've managed to get to with any greenery is a local park, which as far as I know is called Parque Ibirapuera.

It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon and very busy with the local humans but I did manage to get a few bird photos. Here they are along with my best guesses (courtesy of Google) as to their identity...



Black Swans

                                                                             Southern Lapwing

Billy the...