Monday, 25 January 2010


No new photos to post 'cos my car 'died' late last week leaving me housebound for the weekend without any excuse not to do some diy!

 Kingfisher shots are usually quite popular so in the absence of anything new I thought I'd post some of my better attempts. All of these were taken from the hide at Bretton Lakes.

The birds are using a perch which I installed a couple of years ago. For some reason they only seem to use it from late July through to around late September. That's more than enough time to get plenty of shots though.

This one could hear the sound of my camera shutter

The thin streaks are blurred water droplets being shaken from the skin of the fish.


  1. Fabulous images. Really great detail, we seem to struggle with our resident kingfisher, he always goes in the reeds or has a branch in the way!
    Sorry about the car, DIY sounds like a terrible fate!

  2. Cheers - the detail is good because of the the proximity of the bird, less than 15 feet. Once the Kingfisher gets settled on the perch he will happily pose away for several minutes so the shots are quite easy.

  3. Oh my goodness - this bird is just drop-dead gorgeous! You captured him to perfection! Thank you so much for giving me the link so I could inspect them closer - you are an amazing photographer! I'm inspired to one day get images this lovely!