Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bretton Update

There were lots of Bluebells around to brighten up the woodland this morning. Pity I failed to anticipate this and bring a short lens with me to capture it!

Peacock butterfly.


There wasn't much else to be seen in Bridge Royd Wood so I headed for the hide. Just before I arrived I heard some birdsong from within a bush so I decided to hang around for a bit. After a couple of minutes this Blackcap popped-up to see what was going on.

Thankfully I didn't just blunder into the hide and stick my lens through the viewing window or I would have spooked this young Grey Heron who was perched on a log just in front of the island.

One of my favourite pastimes last spring was watching the Bank Voles, Woodmice and Shrews that became partial to the birdseed and nuts at the rear of the hide. It's nice to see that they have returned. Unfortunately I didn't have a flash with me so all today's shots were blurred barring this one which is almost sharp.

Bank Vole


  1. That peacock butterfly is simply lovely! I know what you mean, though - it's difficult to capture with a long lens but you did a great job!
    Yes, it was perfectly posed for you - that gray heron - wow! I wish you would take a picture of the 'hide' from a I could get an idea what it looks like. I read about the hide here and on Bluebirder's blog. I'd love to see it!
    Your little rodent is having a picnic ;-)

  2. Hi BG, thanks for the comments.
    Next time I go down there I'll take a few pictures in and around the hide. Its a rickety old thing made out of old logs, with a 'living' roof - I think!