Thursday, 30 September 2010


I spent the first two weeks of September in Andalucia, Southern Spain. The weather was still hot but it didn't prevent me from venturing out with the long lens.
The first week we stayed on the coast in Torrox. About 10 miles west of here is the mouth of the Rio Velez which, according to my brief research, is a decent place for bird watching. I saw plenty of Egrets, Purple Heron, Hoopees and a load of species that I couldn't identify. The only snag with this place was that I couldn't get as close as I would liked.

I don't know what some of these birds are and despite trying to ID them in books and on the net I failed so you will have to make your own mind up.

I think this one is a Hairy-Legged Wheatear but I suspect I might be wrong...!

Red-Legged Partridge 

Purple Heron

The second week was spent close to a village called San Pablo de Buceite, which was about 30 miles North of Gibraltar, right on the migration route. I saw plenty of birds of prey making the journey south. Again, I can't identify them all but I think I've got a couple right.

Buzzardy-type thingy?


This Grasshopper was in the garden of our hired villa and it must have been 4 inches long! I was impressed with the striped eye.

Griffon Vulture


Back to the garden and there were a few friendly Redstarts around. Female and male I reckon?

Last but not least was this Short-Toed Eagle which was kind enough to glide (and land a couple of times) near to a road which I was driving along!


  1. Nice pictures! I'm not sure about your buzzardy bird, but your female "redstart" is a spotted flycatcher.

  2. Actually, your buzzardy bird may be a Booted Eagle, but don't quote me on that as I'm not too good on my continental raptors!

  3. Me again, sorry! Had another look at your captions, and the top photo is a Yellow Wagtail. Um... what's a Hairy-legged Wheatear?!

    I suspect your "dunno" raptor is a Common Buzzard.

  4. Thanks for the input, Pete. I made the Wheatear name up! I did look at some photos of Yellow Wagtails but decided against for some reason.

    There were plenty of Booted Eagles in the area so your guess may well be correct.

  5. I'm nearly certain your #4 is a Booted Eagle and your #7 is a Bonelli's Eagle :).

  6. I wondered if you'd made up the Wheatear name, but there's been so many splits recently I didn't know if I'd lost track!

    I will bow to Gaina's greater raptor knowledge - as I say I'm not great on my continental ones!

  7. I have to agree with Pete on this one. I think 7 is an adult Common Buzzard. Distinct dark terminal bands to tail and wing along with barring to lower belly being the clinchers. Great photos by the way!

  8. Great photos. Cant help on the birds but I reckon the grasshopper is a migratory locust