Sunday, 11 March 2012

A bit too early for the migrants...

I was hoping that I might get lucky this morning and be greeted with the familiar call of a recently arrived Chiffchaff when I made an early morning visit to Bridge Royd Wood at Bretton Lakes. Unfortunately they haven't arrived just yet but there was still plenty going on in the woods and on the lake. Only the Herons were missing from their spot above the island on the top lake, where their heronry is usually in full-swing by now. I suppose its too early to tell if they have become a victim of the recent vandalism (restoration if you listen to the people that run the place) that has seen substantial parts of the reserve ripped-up, bulldozed or removed.

I still haven't seen or heard a Kingfisher this year either. I hope they make a return soon.

Here is a selection of what I did see.

Top-to-bottom - Great Spotted Woodpecker, Treecreeper, Male/female Goosanders, Tufted Duck, Bit of aggro from the male Goosanders, Female Goosander close-up and one half of a pair of Buzzards that were circling high above Litherop Woods as I returned to my car.

Note the serrated bill. A friend of my wife's once said that these birds have teeth!!! Even I know that the only duck with a set of gnashers is called Donald!

PS - just checked - even Donald doesn't have teeth!

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