Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bretton Update

A sunny but very windy morning saw a little patience pay off with the Goldcrests. A pair are nest-building right next to the path in the woods next to the top lake. Luckilly this is a spot which isn't shaded and was nicely lit in the morning sunshine.

As is usual they dissapeared as soon as I got close to them but instead of walking on I decided to hang around for a bit. A few minutes later they both returned and must have decided to ignore me as I was treated to the best view I've ever had of these tiny birds.

Whilst I was waiting around this Long Tailed Tit decided to perch above me and for once actually stayed still long enough for me to get a few shots.

The resident Kingfishers were forced to relocate during the winter when the lakes froze over for several weeks. Thankfully at least 1 pair have returned and I saw them land near to the hide on the top lake. They weren't close enough to take any pictures so here is one I took on the 30th August 2008. It was shortly after I installed a perch in front of the hide. For some reason they only seem to use it between July and October but there are plenty of shots to be had during this period.

The Great Crested Grebes seem to have settled on their rather tatty nest now. Hope they get rid of that annoying twig!

I heard and caught a fleeting glimpse of a Green Woodpecker but despite waiting around for almost an hour it didn't return to have its photo taken. I had to make do with this Chiffchaff who came to check me out whilst I was waiting.