Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Two 'firsts' at Bretton

I spent the morning at Bretton Lakes NR reserve yesterday and came across two 'firsts' - but neither were of the feathered variety.

I sat under the folly, in the woods above the top lake for over an hour before I noticed some movement in the undergrowth. At first I thought it was a mouse but it was far too large. After a while it paused briefly from it's rummaging long enough for me to make out what it was - a Weasel!

This was the first time I've ever seen one in the flesh so I was grateful to get a few shots before it dissapeared.


Later on I was sat in the hide when a large Mink appeared at the water's edge. Unfortunately it scurried away before I had time to get a photograph.

However there were a few other opportunites whilst I was there...

The Heronries seem to be into full-swing.


I bought a new macro lens the other week and decided to test it out on the Snowdrops growing in the woods. I got the Sigma 105mm for a bargain price off Ebay and am well pleased with the results so far. It will be nice to try it out again when the large insects are around.

Spring Lamb - This was actually taken in Scotland. I spent the long weekend there and although I came away without any decent bird photos the trip was very enjoyable.

I think this maybe a Herring Gull. Taken at Scotland's most southerly point - The Mull of Galloway.

These Pink-Footed Geese were grazing at Wigtown hide before I opened the window and scared them off!

Greylag Goose


  1. How exciting to capture an unexpected weasel! Do you remember that line from a 1960's picture book? "Never tease a weasel. Now I can't be more precise. A weasel will not like it and teasing isn't nice!" I really enjoyed both shots.
    And your lamb is perfect! Nice post.

  2. Thanks for your comments Bird Girl.

    I'm afraid I haven't heard your rhyme before. Maybe that book didn't make it over to the UK?

    I do remember the obvious one though...

    Half a pound of tuppenny rice,
    Half a pound of treacle.
    That’s the way the money goes,
    Pop! goes the weasel.

  3. I love weasels, very 'me'. Isn't the Sigma 105 great? I love mine :).