Friday, 22 April 2011

Far Ings Nature Reserve

Far Ings NR is situated on the south-west side of Humber Bridge and is well worth a visit at an time of the year. It is particularly good for decent sightings of the Bittern and Bearded Tit. Although I didn't manage to catch sight of either bird today I did hear plenty of Bearded Tits hiding in the reed beds.

A rare sighting of a Weasel gave me my first opportunity to get some photos. I'd been stood very still for a while between two reed beds, hoping that whatever was providing the loud sing-song would pop-up and let me get a shot, when this fella appeared and ran towards me. I put the blurred images down to the effects of the heat haze ;-)

I stayed around in this location for a while longer and eventually did catch a couple of fleeting glimpses of the resident warblers. I'm not sure what they are though but I'll guess at Sedge Warbler (2) and then Reed Warbler? If anyone knows better please feel free to correct me.


Tree House Sparrow

The rest of the pictures were taken at the edge of one of the lakes from a hide.

Marsh Harrier

Common Tern


Little Grebe


  1. That 2nd photo of the Weasel is a cracker!!! :D

  2. Super pics of the Weasel and Marsh Harrier, Linda

  3. the tree sparrow is in fact a house sparrow

  4. Ta for all the comments.

    SelloakBirder, I used impeccable logic to identify the sparrow, ie. it was in a tree, therefore it is a Tree Sparrow ;-)

  5. The weasel shots are great – what a moment. But the two marsh harrier images are absolutely superb. Great work.