Wednesday, 13 April 2011

River Calder

With the demise of Bretton Lakes NR looking almost inevitable now, I thought I'd better try and find somewhere else to spend my spare time. The River Calder runs through Dewsbury and at it's closest point is only around 400 yards from my home. Close enough to forget that it is there! So I set off yesterday for a walk along it's banks on a bright but cool and breezy morning.

I was more than impressed with what I found. On the river there were the usual suspects, a pair of Mute Swans, Mallards, Grey Heron and I spotted a Grey Wagtail hopping around on the weir. I also heard a Kingfisher calling but didn't catch sight of it.

Black Headed Gull and Lesser Black-Backed Gull

It was on the banks of the river where I came across the more interesting stuff...

I'm afraid that the photos are a bit on the small side as the subjects were a tad shy, not to mention on the small side themselves. I must try to get closer in the future!


Sand Martin

Willow Warbler - first one I've seen in my home town

Female Bullfinch

 Blackcap - he wouldn't come out from behind the branch though!

Long Tailed Tit

Common Whitethroat. I've found these birds to be most infuriating to photograph as they don't let you get close. They pop-up from the undergrowth from time-to-time but as soon as you move they dissapear only to emerge from the undergrowth somewhere else!

Another shy bird and another first for me at this location! This Linnet was with his mate but she was even more difficult to see and I didn't manage to get a shot.


  1. Hi Bungling Birder

    The first question mark is a Lesser Black Backed Gull and the second is a Sand Martin.

    Great Pics

  2. Thanks for the info Anon, I'll update the blog to reflect this.