Tuesday, 5 June 2012

European Roller

If someone had mentioned this bird's name to me prior to last Saturday I would have thought they were on about a Common Market version of the venerable tarmac flattening machine! I'm no twitcher either, so when I was told that there was one up the road from where I was staying in Cowden, East Yorkshire I did a quick internet search for some pictures. Satisfied that it wasn't going to turn out to be a tiny, brown blob in the distance I set out on Sunday morning to have a look.

Thankfully it was still there. Sadly it wasn't near enough to get any decent shots and I didn't fancy my chances with the ever-present twitchers if I tried to get any closer than the hedge that bordered the farmers field. So I just had to stand there and make do.

The bird was sat pretty motionless for a good 10 minutes but luckily I was paying attention when it decided to take off and I managed to get some in-flight shots.

Here's the best of what I could manage...


  1. Excellent. You did better than me. Sitting on the post was as near as it got when we were there and 99% of the time it just sat in the field. Lovely bird but little entertainment value.

    1. Cheers Will. The bird spent most of it's time on the floor for me too, just below the post. Luckily I was paying attention when it took off.

      Interestingly there was a tormenting Pipit whilst I was there but it was on the floor and blended into the mud too well for a photo.

  2. How's your 1D2 doing? Just noticed a few on ebay selling for around £500-£600 and was considering one. Don't suppose you're tempted by the new 1DC at £9999!!!