Friday, 23 November 2012

Donna Nook Seals

I've been meaning to a have drive over to see the breeding Grey Seals at Donna Nook for several years now, but have never got around to going.

A couple of weeks ago I finally managed it and was quite surprised at just how close the seals are. There's a just a small fence to separate you from the pups and their parents. They don't seem at all bothered by the presence of the nosy humans though.

Even though I got there on a working, mid-Monday morning, the place was rapidly becoming packed with people. It must be murder on a weekend!

I took my long lens (500mm) but soon regretted this as most of the seals were well within range of a 300mm. In fact you could get away with a 100mm if you stick to the seals that are very close to the fence.

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